Great news! We are very proud to be part of the Weebly App Center.

We are now one step closer to help website owners across the world, to become global!

Due to our limited resources, we are putting this web app development on hold. Also temporarily stopping accepting new registrations and making professional translation orders. Find more information about our Weebly app on our website.

Why should I localize my website?

Simply to reach more people. Some may think that English is enough - it’s most definetely is not. Some interesting facts:

  • 3/4 more likely to buy if website is in their native language
  • 52% of consumers think that native language is more important than price
  • 72% spend most or all of their time on websites in their native language
  • 27% of internet users speaks native English, 57% of websites are in English

Does this work with any website?

Unfortunately not. Localize internet works where the website content is static like website builders. At the moment page urls can only be one level deep. It also requires, that you are able to insert short script on your website pages.

How search engines will find my website in multiple languages?

Search engine crawlers will find snapshots of your translated content. This will make it possible, that users can find your website using their native language.

Which languages should I choose?

This depends what’s your target group and area. You should research which are the key languages of the market you are in. For example, even in US you shouldn’t just rely on English. The Latino/Spanish population in US alone would be among top 20 economies in the world if it would be a country of it’s own. If you are a global brand, adding Chinese, English, Spanish, Japanese, Portuguese and German you cover over 50% of online sales potential worldwide.

But I cannot offer customer service in foreign languages…

We don’t think it matters so much. The main thing is that customers find. Once they find you in their native language they will get the main information on your website in the language they understand. You can also localize your FAQ for main questions customers may have. After all, the main thing is that people find you and are able to have the most relevant info in their language.

How much does it cost?

That’s the beauty of Localize Internet - it’s totally affordable. We don’t want to punish you for localizing in many languages so all plans will be with unlimited languages. Our Beta customers enjoy free subscription during beta and they only pay for professional translations, if they choose to use those - Starting $x.xx/word